Covid 19 has really affected everyone globally, 

directly and indirectly. As we  continue this journey

to recover, we must show resilience. We set an example

to the next generation that indeed, storms never last

and until it does, we are to hang on, one day at a time.. 


A little about me..
I'm a Fijian Wedding, Portrait and Events photographer..

In 15 years, captured over 800 weddings on mainland Fiji and outer islands

Over 300 portraits, seminars, workshops and conferences
Lucky husband to sweet Leilani..
Proud father of three beautiful children..
I try to eat healthy..

I try to keep fit..
I try to sleep 8 hours a day..
Love asian cuisine..
Love travelling..
Love spending time with my family..
Love capturing frozen moments
Photography is my passion..

There's more, but too much about me already! 
By the way, my name is Isoa but you may call me 'Ice'